how to change the color of toast message in android

An Android Toast is a small message displayed on the screen, similar to a tool tip or other similar popup notification. A Toast is displayed on top of the main content of an activity, and only remains visible for a short time period. ... More

how to avoid bad historgrams

Make some histograms to display this data. Let's make a histogram where the first bin contains all fish that are at least 6 but not more than 7 inches, the next contains all fish that are at least 7 but not more than 8 inches, and so on. ... More

how to draw the walking dead comic

The Walking Dead is still one of the most-watched shows on TV, but there's denying the fact that ratings have been on a long, steady decline, and fan dissatisfaction has been on the rise. ... More

how to delete duplicate songs from my itunes library

Your iTunes library is probably your favorite place to store, manage and share your music with friends and blog users. However, as we all know, you sometimes run our of space trying to keep all of your songs or you may mistakenly have multiple copies of songs that you simply do not need. ... More

how to cook chicken vindaloo

A vindaloo is a specialty dish of central and southwestern coastal India and is a fiery version of a curry dish. Serve over rice to tame the heat. Heat oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add onion; sauté 4 minutes. Add chicken mixture and bell peppers; sauté 5 minutes or until chicken ... More

bluehost how to add new account for customers

Add a new domain (addon) to an Existing Bluehost Account. Posted at 02:24h in Bluehost by Michael 20 Comments. 0 Likes. NOT UNLIMITED. I just received the mail from #BLUEHOST.com >>> It has come to our attention that your site is using an excessive number of files stored on your #bluehost.Com account. This is causing performance problems on your website as well as for other customers that ... More

how to add weights to logitech g502

Here we have the Logitech G502 in a full review. This gaming mouse comes with adjustmentable weights and with a fast sensor with a speed up to 12000 dpi. This gaming mouse comes with adjustmentable weights and with a fast sensor with a speed up to 12000 dpi. ... More

how to draw traffic signal images

Download PDF of Road Traffic Signs and Print Locally for Free. Choose and Order real Traffic Signs made from heavy-duty professional grade aluminum. Choose and Order real Traffic Signs made from heavy-duty professional grade aluminum. ... More

how to add an account to my onedrive

Watch video · - [Instructor] Windows 10 is set up in a way…that allows you to have multiple OneDrive accounts…exposed through the operating system.…Right now I'm in File Explorer with This PC selected,…but if you look just above This PC,…you can see that I've got two separate OneDrive accounts…linked to my system.…So here we have a personal ... More

how to change order of photos on samsung

Photos and videos taken with the camera also get a dedicate folder. Viewing media is a simple as tapping on them, and the view mode gives you a few options such as favorite, share, edit, and delete. You can do even more with a photo by tapping the More button at the top. ... More

anz how to close your credit card account

While your score will continue to include account history from all closed, as well as open, cards for as long as they remain on your credit report, the credit bureaus remove closed accounts in good standing after about 10 years and closed accounts with a history of late payments after seven years from the date of the delinquency. ... More

how to create a new neighborhood in sims 4

You can create a new family from within the game. Either choose the lot you want the family to live and create a new family from the menu there (I'll add pics later if you don't find it) or click on the icon with the two people in the upper right corner on map view and create a new … ... More

how to ask job vacancy in english

But I have had polite replies from employers when asking for verification of the job posting. Natalie September 18, 2011 at 10:38 pm As far as what to look for, the two things I’ve noticed are a higher-than-market salary (think $50K + for a basic receptionist job) and absolutely nothing that hints at the location. ... More

how to build block foam board

The companion DVD to this book (in the left column) shows how to build a board of block foam from start to finish, including bending foam (bending saves even more money). Most first timers get through the shaping ok, if they follow the directions. ... More

how to cook a pork roast without an oven

How to cook Roast Pork Roast pork with crackling is probably one of the most popular pork dishes in the world. It is a traditional winter dish, particularly in Northern Europe. Choosing pork for roasting The most important factor when choosing pork for roasting is the provenance of the meat. Most pork is produced using semi-industrial methods that result in flavourless, spongy meat ... More

how to add copyright to your wordpress blog

If your template doesn't have it, select "Add Gadget" in Step 3 and choose the "Text" gadget in the dialog box. Type your copyright notice into the text box and click "Save" to add it to your blog. ... More

how to delete a role on discord

Meaning only those people with the game role has access to the channel? As usual, head over to the Discord Dream Land and vote for things you want. I really like the @mention roles but having to manually assign each role to each member is tedious, please ... More

how to delete pdf files from itunes library

This isn't a big deal if your library also contains your old music, because these files will sync back to the iPhone. However, if you previously deleted your old music from your library or are attempting to add music from another computer, you'll lose the old files. Therefore, to preserve the existing music, you must override the auto-sync settings and choose to manually add new music. ... More

how to delete robux generator

The latest Tweets from Free Robux Generator (@freerobuxtool). How to generate free robux online learn now How to generate free robux online learn now We've detected that JavaScript is ... More

how to clear app data windows 7

5/10/2016 · Hi Ankit, Thank you for posting the question in Microsoft Community! You want to delete the contents of AppData folder. The AppData folder would … ... More

how to become an online writer

Darby McDevitt is a scriptwriter for the hugely successful Assassins Creed series of games. But he doesnt only write for games. Hes also released several prose fiction works, has been published in national literary journals and anthologies, and has released several music albums. ... More

how to draw what you see rudy de reyna pdf

When it was originally published in 1970, How to Draw What You See zoomed to the top of Watson-Guptills best-seller listand it has remained there ever since. I believe that you must be able to draw things as you see themrealistically, wrote Rudy de Reyna in his introduction. Today, generations of artists have learned to draw what they see, to truly capture the world around them ... More

how to cook veal cutlets on stove

You can still make enough cutlets for everyones favorite leftovers Perhaps you are the only meat eater in a home of vegans. Maybe you just moved into a new home and all you can dig out is a saute pan. ... More

how to build a pond filter youtube

I have a similar element in my pond, all it does is filter out and sticks or leaves that find their way into your pond. In stalling it is just putting it in the bottom of the pond with some stones sitting on it to stop it floating up. I know that there are kits that you can get from hardware or gardening stores that come with a pump. I hope thatg this is useful. ... More

teach me how to dougie remix free mp3 download

Cali Swag District Free Mp3 Download. Play and download Cali Swag District mp3 songs from multiple sources at Whats-mp3.com Play and download Cali Swag District mp3 songs from multiple sources at Whats-mp3.com ... More

how to add macro to quick access toolbar

Then we'll create a macro that will update these fields, and add a button to our quick access toolbar to run the macro to update the fields. As we go through this exercise, be thinking of all the ... More

how to become a licensed daycare provider

Improve the quality of care you provide and make a difference in your community! Child care professionals are the cornerstone to high-quality early childhood education, which is why Pathways LA prioritizes support for individuals pursuing a child care license. ... More

how to draw modern art painting

29/05/2014 · Artists no longer need to be able to paint or draw to be great Great artists no longer need to be technically skilled to produce important work, argues the head of the Serpentine Gallery at the ... More

how to connect variable resistor in circuit

Suppose we connect a resistor in circuit. When the electron passes through it, the average speed of electrons is reduced and loss energy. When the electrons move through resistor, they collide with the atoms of the resistor and this affect the speed of electrons. ... More

how to avoid hair fall and increase hair growth

Hair loss after bariatric surgery is very common and very stressful. We all want to achieve great weight loss results and still have great hair. The hair loss associated with bariatric surgery is called telogen effluvium and has to do with the normal hair growth cycle. It usually starts abruptly and very seldom lasts longer than 6 months. Human hair has a two stage growth cycle. The growth ... More

how to become a bomb technician

UXO technicians (the acronym of UnExploded Ordnance) systematically search for and clear ordnance that is left behind on current and former government bomb ranges. ... More

windows 10 how to change location of music folder

Along with this name change, Microsoft introduced the display of 6 folders namely Documents, Pictures, Videos, Downloads, Music, and Desktop in This PC in both Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. ... More

how to create a google document spreadsheet

If you create a document in Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides, How to Share Documents in Google Drive . After you have a document in Google Drive: Go to Google Drive at drive.google.com and log in using your Google account. Find the document you want to share. Browse in the My Drive folder or click Recent in the left panel to display only recent documents. You can also search through all your ... More

how to become a restaurant health inspector

Learn about restaurant inspections, permits, food recalls, and alerts Our Environmental Health Officers conduct more than 16,000 inspections of restaurants, food facilities and stores annually. We also educate food handlers and consumers about safe food handling practices. ... More

how to clean out rubbish in mysql database

The character set must be set either at the server level, or with the API function mysql_set_charset() for it to affect mysql_real_escape_string(). See the concepts section ... More

how to build a outdoor stone fireplace and chimney

This particular graphic (Outdoor Fireplace with Chimney Beautiful How to Build An Outdoor Fireplace) earlier mentioned will be branded having: arizona outdoor steel fireplace with chimney,blue rhino outdoor firehouse fireplace with chimney,outdoor fire chimney uk,outdoor fire pit chimney hood,outdoor fireplace chimney cap,outdoor fireplace chimney construction,outdoor fireplace chimney ... More

how to delete the domain in weblogic server 12c

This example shows the steps to create a simple JMS queue in Weblogic server 12c. Let's have a look on the JMS resources with definition: JMS Server ... More

how to clean windows app 10 backup file location

The backup doesn’t include the installed files, but related files used by the app or any profile data it has on your system. Like in the case of iTunes, the app backs up the entire library along ... More

how to download onine from mac pc

Download the app and run it to enjoy an easier online faxing system. If you can’t find an app, however, then proceed to the next steps: If you can’t find an app, however, then proceed to the next steps: ... More

how to clean cooker racks

You have grimy oven racks. I have grimy oven racks. We ALL have grimy oven racks. No news there. BUT, did you know that you can get those racks clean without harsh chemicals, using basic stuff from your cupboards? Yup. Just follow these easy steps to get those racks sparkly cleanat least for the ... More

how to connect old caravan sway bars

Front SwayBar Bushings for your Caravan Voyager, or Town & Country Mini Van These heavy duty, polyurethane bushings are a direct replacement for the stock /rubber front swaybar bushings. ... More

how to change flight ticket date

Can we change the date of Indigo flights after tickets are booked? How? Update Look at the options just under the Indigo Banner and you will find the date change option there. 2. Call their call centre and they will help you make the changes. 3. Contact the travel agent who issued the ticket. 84.9k Views · View 17 Upvoters · View Sharers. Thank you for your feedback! Your feedback is ... More

how to clean ipad air 2 leather case

iPad Cases by Pad & Quill Moving iPads forward toward the past. For everything the iPad delivers, it left behind the comforting familiarity of a finely bound book. ... More

how to clean food trap in dishwasher

Your dishwasher should have a food trap that you can remove for cleaning. Keeping this clean and free from debris will help your machine run more efficiently. If you notice a sour smell in your dishwasher, check the food trap which may be the cause. My food trap was gross! It was so satisfying to see it all cleaned up! ... More

how to connect google drive to computer

31/12/2014 Yan Sheng Huang explains how to connect Notepad++ to the cloud services Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive. This is advantageous in the event you ... More

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how to upload image to google drive for css

Learn to host/upload CSS and JAVASCRIPT files on Google Drive easily Storing Blogger CSS and JavaScript files with Google Drive will help to eliminate any of the problems mentioned above and reduce the clutter among your services.

how to cook barramundi fillets on bbq

Cook fish skin-side down 3-4 minutes or until skin is crisp and sides opaque. Turn and cook 1-2 minutes, until cooked through. Turn and cook 1-2 minutes, until cooked through. 4

how to add icon to apk mac

Something is wrong with the changes made after you decompile the APK, once you change the manifest, the name of the APK on the res folder and add the icons you cannot recompile the APK again. I have the lates APKtool version "dirty 2.2.1" and it still throws the at brut.androlib.Androlib errors.

how to clean burnt aluminium vessels

When you attempt to clean burnt pot stains, the key to victory is patience. If you soak the pan for long enough, the stain will loosen and become easier to remove with a scrubber. Naturally, the looser the stain, the less work is required to get it all off completely.

how to develop confidence skills

To sell, you must believe in your product or service - and believe in yourself. Your selling skills depend, in large part, on your level of self-confidence.

how to cancel multiplay subscription on paypal

10/11/2015 · If you have multiple subscriptions to us and wish to cancel them all, you will need to do this for each subscription. If you cancel 1 subscription but have two active, obviously one is …

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